First created to complement the fine steaks at Ken's Steak House, our flagship Italian hails from a generations-old recipe lovingly handed down from Anna Bacigalupo. The distinctive blend of imported virgin olive oil, aromatic herbs, and zesty wine vinegar was so popular, it inspired a whole line of restaurant quality varieties - all originating from carefully crafted recipes. Try them today and bring that great restaurant taste home to your table. For more information about Ken's Foods, please see our company website at

Choose from our regular, lite, or fat free dressings...
Prices are for 9 9-ounce bottles or 6 16-ounce bottles(one case).

Regular Dressings - 9 ozRegular Dressings - 9 oz
Regular Dressings - 16 ozRegular Dressings - 16 oz
Fat Free Dressings - 9 ozFat Free Dressings - 9 oz
Fat Free Dressings - 16 ozFat Free Dressings - 16 oz
Lite Dressings - 9 ozLite Dressings - 9 oz
Lite Dressings - 16 ozLite Dressings - 16 oz

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